The Kiowa County Agriculture Program is based out of Greensburg, KS and currently serves its community through service, agricultural education courses, and leadership experiences. The Agriculture Education model has three parts to it: Classroom instruction, FFA, and SAEs.  
Classroom instruction is an integral part in sparking the interest of and providing a solid foundation of knowledge to students on a variety of agricultural topics. It is here where they will learn about different subjects that may lead them to a career or passion in their future. They will also learn more about The National FFA Organization and develop their own projects to carry out within the agricultural realm. See what courses are currently being offered.
FFA - Formerly known as The Future Farmers of America, the The (now) National FFA Organization is a student-led organization that focuses on developing students as people, leaders, and provides opportunities for them to learn and participate in events centered around future careers in the agricultural industry. See what KC FFA is up to!
SAE - Students will be expected to develop, plan, carry out, and maintain records of their own agriculturally-based projects, also known as Supervised Agricultural Experiences. These can range in size and scope, but will ultimately be used for students to develop in areas of their own interests, self-discipline, various skills, leadership, and much more. Check out what some of our students are doing, here!
Program Goal

This agricultural education program serves to serve its community and members by supporting each other and building productive, well-informed citizens skilled in areas of the agricultural industry. 

Our History

This is a first-year comprehensive agricultural program. Check back later for more history as it's being created!

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