Prerequisites: Agriscience & Animal Science

Offered to: 11th grade

Pathway: Comprehensive Agriculture; Power, Structural, & Technical System; and Agribusiness

Level: Technical (Agribusiness) & Application (Comp, PST)
What's next? This class can be taken alongside Ag Mechanics or Fabrication, and can be followed up with: Research in Agriculture, Internship, Independent Study, or Ag Communications & Leadership. 

Have you ever wanted to know how to start a business, or what it takes for a farm, ranch, or other agricultural business/organization to run? Here’s your opportunity to learn! This class is designed for junior and seniors who are interested in management or entrepreneurship within the agriculture industry. Topics covered in this class will include: mission statements and goals, the basics of business types, record keeping, budgets, marketing and sales, insurance and taxes, trade, and end with a business plan that you will get to present to the class.

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