Independent Study

Prerequisites: Agriscience, Animal Science, & Agribusiness


Agriscience, Ag Mechanics, & Ag Fabrication

Offered to: 12th grade

Pathway: Comprehensive Agriculture; Power, Structural, & Technical System; and Agribusiness

Level: Application
What's next? This class can be taken alongside the following courses: Ag Fabrication, Internship, Independent Study, or Ag Communications & Leadership. 

There are many different paths you might choose to take in the future, and some of which our program may not offer much in the way of. That being said, this is a course you can take to further your interests in those areas. 

Options for independent study include:

Taking an online class;

Preparing and teaching lessons to younger students;

Creating activities/planning events for the community;

and many more! 

Special permission must be obtained to take this course, and a conversation between the student, the instructor, and the counselor will be held prior to admission. 

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