Prerequisites: Agriscience, Animal Science, & Agribusiness


Agriscience, Ag Mechanics, & Ag Fabrication

Offered to: 12th grade

Pathway: Comprehensive Agriculture; Power, Structural, & Technical System; and Agribusiness

Level: Application
What's next? This class can be taken alongside the following courses: Ag Fabrication, Internship, Independent Study, or Ag Communications & Leadership. 

Internship is designed for you as a student to explore a career or set of careers that you might pursue post-secondary. You will explore different types of education and requirements for the career(s) you've chosen to explore, which will include you actually going to check out a program or two where this education is offered. 

Additionally, you will shadow multiple employees and employers who perform the careers you are exploring, and arrange for one or more speakers in this industry to speak at the school. 

You may also choose to work for someone during this time, as long as this is during the first or last hour of the school day, and it can be proved. 

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